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September 9, 2013

9:56 AM

Veer Interns
  • Veer Interns
Switchboard: Laura Worthington

Switchboard: Laura Worthington

Laura Worthington was once the "weird kid" sitting in a classroom learning lettering while her schoolmates were outside at recess. But this fascination with calligraphic styles led to Worthington into graphic design, and since 1997 she has used her passion for hand-lettering to create varied and expressive typefaces.

In 2010, Worthington decided to transition away from freelance graphic design to focus specifically on typefaces. She views the processes as artistic yet controlled, with each letter perfectly intertwining with the next to create something distinctive and stylish. She attributes her success to her attention to detail, her desire for spontaneity, and her love of the craft. View her delightful fonts now on Veer.

View Laura's work on Veer Switchboard.


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