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February 12, 2014

1:11 PM

Paul Friesen
  • Paul Friesen
New Font Release - 02.16.2014

New Font Release - 02.16.2014

Fugu by Neil Summerour for Positype

After his success with the rough script forms of Baka Expert, Neil Summerour shied away from handwritten scripts. Some years later Neil was drawn to some Sumi-brush doodles he had done around the time of Bakas release, initially intended as a sibling to Baka. As soon as brush hit paper Fugu took on a life of its own.

Fugu is far more expressive, smooth and rough, tasty but sticky. This dichotomy demanded a new name. Fugu is the Japanese name for Blowfish or Pufferfish, a delicacy, which if prepared improperly can be toxic and even deadly. The fonts rough and smooth texture suggests Fugu is oddly delicate while rough and functional.

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