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December 23, 2013

11:34 AM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Fonts from 2013: Zulia

Fonts from 2013: Zulia

Veer's Creative Team takes time out to dish on the fonts that made their year.

Rick's pick from 2013: Zulia by Joluvian and Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos Type - (July 2013)

Zulia is located in the west of Venezuela and the state where Type Designer Joluvian grew up. It's a region of sunshine, high temperatures, oil and cheerful people, although Joluvian and Alejandro Paul chose the name to honor Joluvian's mother, Zuliana, a proud native of this land and everything that it represents. Zulia is also Joluvian's first typographic project. It's based on two of his favorite calligraphic styles: italic and brush pen. He started with simple and contrasted strokes on paper with brush and marker. After that he developed the full alphabet and its various options for each letter, starting from a set of handmade forms that could be connected in different ways according to the user needs. This style creates a differentiation with his daily work by generating a heavier type, contrasted and low rise.

Zulia finally got life of its own with the participation of Alejandro Paul and a feedback of techniques and skills that were generated with the duos work.

Zulia is not just a typeface, Zulia is a love of letters.

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