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October 22, 2013

1:05 PM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile October 2013

Contributor Profile October 2013

What do you see when you investigate your surroundings? Do you see stark walls in a bare room, or a table with an unfilled glass? How about a desolate road on a dreary autumn day?

This month's contributor Nuttakit, who hails from Thailand, views the unexpected where others may perceive nothing. Instead of emptiness he sees vibrant textures rich with depth, mesmerizing repeating patterns dancing with rhythm, and beautiful dynamics yearning to be captured and brought to life. He loves investigating further to reveal fullness in seemingly unexpected places.

When asked about his motivation for capturing some of the rich imagery used in his photography-he explains, "The beauty of everything around me at the time makes me want to keep it." This fundamental curiosity is the fuel that fires commercial and fine arts photographers alike.

If you're still having a hard time finding splendor amongst your surroundings, he leaves us with words of inspiration, "Many of my friends laugh when they see an empty wall or blank sheet of paper as result of my work… but all around us, everything has value and meaning in itself. Use your creativity to find new things."

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