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February 10, 2014

9:30 AM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile February 2014

Contributor Profile February 2014

Neil Summerour is a veteran designer who has published over 60 typeface families. He established the foundry Positype in 2000 once he realized his addiction to fonts kept him burning the midnight oil. If you've scanned the letterform landscape there's a good chance you've seen his work-which can be found everywhere from Victoria Secret to MTV.

What trends in typography do you wish would disappear and never come back?

Grunge and deconstructivist type-it's like looking at a ran over puppy on the side of the road-altogether sad, uncomfortable, and pitiful. It hurts my eyes.

Do you have a favorite, guilty-pleasure, go-to font you always find yourself wanting to use?

Too many fonts to pick from, I try to not have a favorite font. Each job/project/use is unique and so should the decision of a typeface(s). When I type long passages I do tend to fall back on my Akagi Pro typeface. I designed the versatility I wanted into it, so it's like a comfortable pair of socks for me.

How do you recognize the next trend in type design?

I try desperately to remain disconnected from trendy, overly-blogged, type fads. I'd rather appreciate beautiful type in the context it was designed and being used. A 50-yr old typeface can have the same zest, uniqueness, and freshness of something released (cough, copied) last week.

If the current you had to critique the novice you on the first font you ever designed, how would that go?

It would end in tears and a nice bottle of Scotch.

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